Merry Xmas.

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4 years ago#1
Got these in a controller which was given to me as a gift but don't really want them. For those who haven't got one and want one/both, here are two codes for Halo 4 Avatar Tee's





Small gift for whoever is first. Happy holidays!
4 years ago#2
I took the male one, hope whoever gets the female one is happy with it. Thank you for your random gift man!
4 years ago#3
No problem man! Have a great day.
4 years ago#4
Used the female one, thanks!

Edit: Uhh i'll try to keep this going (I think I have a Dew XP code, saved a bottle from a little while back, so heres whats under the cap)

4 years ago#5
Good idea! Merry xmas!
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