Happy Halo Holidays: A Halo 4 discussion and ODST Firefight thread

#1ODommPosted 12/25/2012 11:19:20 AM(edited)
So I got my little brother Halo 4 for Christmas since it is the only xbox game I take to school. HE SEEMED PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT IT AND AFTER ALL, THEY SAY THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL IS A CHILD'S LAUGHTER


Anyone else give the gift of Halo for Christmas? It's the gift that keeps on giving?

Alright, now that that is done, I'm looking for ODST players to rock some Firefight later. ODST Firefight was one of the best things to happen to a Halo game, unfortunately it went kind of downhill in Reach.
I still got my ODST disc sittin pretty next to my tv, so we're gonna have some fun and you're gonna like it.

Just post "I am interested" if you'd like to play.
I already got a message from derive earlier so we have 2 peeps.
If our team fills up, message the other people who post in this topic and try and get another team together.

Hopefully there is more interest in this this time around.
We won't be playing until a bit later. Dinner, fan n stuff

Edit: "It's the gift that keeps on giving?"
Woah, had a bit of a Ron Burgundy moment there
Looking for ODST players---PM me
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#2Dovahkiin_66Posted 12/25/2012 11:31:42 AM
Dude, you are an awesome brother. I don't know you, but I'm sure your brother will be satisfied for a LONG time.
Anyways, I wish I had ODST, then I'd join your team. That, and halo wars, and halo 4, are the only games I'm missing for my collection.
But Have fun!
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#3ODomm(Topic Creator)Posted 12/25/2012 11:43:14 AM
It's funny really, I'm actually your brother.
Looking for ODST players---PM me
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