The Thesis of Halo Fanboys (and the one Fangirl out there too)

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3 years ago#331
count_claw posted...
wow tc, your definetly one of those guys who thinks way higher of yourself than other people do. "Im actually a pretty cool guy". According to you maybe. no one agrees. feeling like you know exactly what people are like based on liking a particular game is not a cool guy bro. Ever think that people who read the books, follow waypoint, etc., actually enjoy the story and folklore? your an idiot, hope you slip on a banana next time you leave your house

That's not very nice to hope for. I'd rather hope for world peace, and the end of war. So that people can get along without fighting one an other, in a civil way. Nicely.
3 years ago#332
3 years ago#333
I thought I told ya that we won't stop! I thought I told ya that we won't stop! Eh,eh eh,eh!
3 years ago#334
shadowvayne posted...
Tc is just mad that his parents didn't buy him Halo 4 for xmas. They bought Hello Kitty adventure island instead.

That was funny like 7 years ago. Yes; i saw that South Park episode too. We all did.
3 years ago#335
So I guess I won this topic (again). Can we wrap this up now?
3 years ago#336
This topic is as ignorant as it gets. Fanboys must really get under your skin to start a topic like this. If you don't like Halo stay off it's board. Misery loves company right?
Uhh...check it...
3 years ago#337
Blizzard09 posted...
krazyninjaman3 posted...
Blizzard09 posted...
krazyninjaman3 posted...


Also interesting to note. You will all of the sudden detest the Call of Duty series. You will despise that this other game has beome way more popular than Halo, requires more skill to play, and is overall a much. much better game.


Can have what you are smoking? It must be amazing stuff if you think any CoD game requires any skill to play, since it was made to be mindless. Also if you think its actually better then, for sake of arguement any Halo game.

You Sir need to mental help if you think a unfinished and glitchey game that is any CoD is actually good. They are fun and thats it.

If a game is fun, then it has done its job. You're lucky I'm not going to flame you and let you off easy this time with a warning. Please read how I have handled other posters with 'differing' ideas; and after making an informed decision, then come back here and tell us all what you think.

That is the difference, its not a idea. Its the truth. CoD is unfinished, rushed and glitchey as hell. It was made to be mindless and easy. Every CoD has been rushed, they use buildings from games before it, guns from old versions of the game. Multiplayer is glitchey and laggy. They patch the game to make it easier to kill people. Facts are well facts and you can try and defend them, but they are still there to see.

Yes a fun game has done its job, but sadly people liking a mindless and unfinished game is killing the game market more then its helping, because kids want mindless and unfinished games all the time and the companies that make anything different need to change to try and sell more, but when they do they get flamed by CoD fanboys for being mindless and unfinished, Yet their favorite game is just that.

You cod haters say the same bull every year. Keep hatin sheep.
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3 years ago#338
krazyninjaman3 posted...
darealest47 posted...
krazyninjaman3 posted...
Silva all the way. 'The Spider' is by far my favorite fighter in any sport ever (Yes even better than Ron Hextal, the former goalie for the Philli Flyers).

In all fairness i have actually met GSP at a restaurant in Montreal not too long ago; he came to our table to shake our hands and say hello when he noticed our group noticing him. A real class act. Even though he probably has no recolection of that day lol, i still thought it was pretty cool meeting him.

Yea some people told me he's a pretty chill person. I got to meet Brock Lesnar and Chuck Liddell. I think they're going to have Silva go against Jon Jones and not GSP.

The thing with GSP is that the owner of UFC doesn't want to see GSP get embarassed at any cost. And the owner doesn't like the sportsmanship of Silva.

He recognizes Silva's abilities and understands that Silva will beat GSP and rub it in while doing it. This would look bad on GSP; the UFC's golden boy. Also, GSP had some kind of serious groin injury not too long ago and I don't think will ever be at 100% again.

He was injured when he fought Dias and still whoop him. I think GSP has a better chance than Jon Jones aka the new golden boy of UFC to beat the Spider.
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3 years ago#339
I hate you all.
3 years ago#340
krazyninjaman3 posted...
I hate you all.

Really?! I hate them too. *high five
won't change this sig until pittsburgh steelers gets their 7th ring
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