The Thesis of Halo Fanboys (and the one Fangirl out there too)

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K but after class try to squeeze in some time for The Cause.

DMR is OP.

I'm back.
They should of implement an offline mode for spartan ops.

Great, our first great action against the establishment of this board will be a simple one, a small test if you will. You, myself and all others devoted to The Cause, will request that this topic be stickied.

We will garnish so much of a petition for it to be stickied that the mods will HAVE to sticky this topic. Forever!

I really wish they would let Spartan Ops play offline too actually; kinda dumb that you cant.

Sticky Requested! To all those that stickied this please post so we can show your support!
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Oh I forgot, only like six people post here now. Everyone else is in the Call of Duty boards. Whatever.
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You are now ignoring this user's topics and posts
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You are now ignoring this user's topics and posts

Lies. You are not ignoring me lol. Nice try though.
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Why is this topic back up here even though the revolution against the mods failed? Because; it is what it is, get over it. I'm here to be here to stay, and you are all nothing to me. NOTHING! Anyways. Better get used to this topic because even though I cannot defeat the mods, the mods cannot defeat me either.

I hate you all.

I like the story of Halo 4.