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4 years ago#451

You guys think this through: If he won't leave his spot, how would derived stop you if you capped A? Time is almost up. I'm sure you can party up later
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4 years ago#452
From: dontyoulookatme | #451
how would derived stop you if you capped A?

I'm just better. That's how.

Also, E. I am fully confident that we, together, can solve any riddle I give.
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4 years ago#453
captaingooch19 posted...
[A] party up and decimate derived

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4 years ago#454
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
4 years ago#457
[C]apture the base!
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A wiser man chooses not to be born.
4 years ago#458

While an opportunity to cap the base has revealed itself, I doubt he'd leave the base unguarded like that. Best bet is to send an invite and team up, plan a maneuver and take him out with brutal efficiency. Show him his software is trash when you know the holes in it.
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4 years ago#459
A. Though it would show that our challenge with derived was for nothing
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4 years ago#460
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