So is halo 4 broken right now for anybody else?

#11JKMaynardPosted 12/27/2012 11:11:54 PM
The problem with there only being like 1300 people on is you got put into the backup server hopper thing has been going on since launch...

Happens when they pull a main server for work and stuff
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#12DrTrePosted 12/28/2012 2:32:22 AM
Its been messing up for me also, over the past few days. I will get into a game and it will switch hosts or whatever all the time. Sometimes like 3 or 4 times. And when the game reconnects it seems like the points have gone up on the teams. Almost like the game is still going while it is disconnected. I don't know what is going on. I thought it might be my internet connection but others are having the same problem so I don't know.
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#13ShadowSnake698Posted 12/28/2012 3:46:51 PM
its been fine for me right now besides the lag but not alot