How do you hear halo 4?

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4 years ago#21
From: tellurfriends82 | #015
DSquarius posted...
Turtle Beach Earforce Bravo's.

I've been toying with the idea of buying the XP500's. Anybody own or try them? Is the sound incredible?

Save yourself some cash and get the xp400.

Virtually the same or are the XP400's better?
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4 years ago#22
Some nice speakers sitting on some stools next to the TV
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4 years ago#23
ChokeStan posted...
With my ears.

Damn. Beat me to it.
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4 years ago#24
Surround sound with amplifiers.

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4 years ago#25
TV speakers
4 years ago#26
Yamaha yas-101 soundbar. Sounds very good.
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4 years ago#27
Turtle Beach X32 Wireless.
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4 years ago#28
TV speakers
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4 years ago#29
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4 years ago#30
5.1 Surround Sound

It makes using a mic very difficult without bothering everybody in the lobby
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