Interesting way to earn XP points

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User Info: Willster328

4 years ago#1
No this isn't a double exp trick, just an observation:

So playing Oddball with a buddy just now (this trick only works on larger maps with nooks/crannies, so no, not Haven). And it's the two of us kind of tucked in a corner, teammates are keeping enemies away. And we keep playing catch back and forth with the Ball. And every time you catch the ball, you get +5. So we just kept tossing it back and forth and back and forth.

No I didn't break the bank getting points, but I think I got an extra 100 while killing time in-game anyways

User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#2
if your playing anyone with a brain tho i dont think you will have time to throw it much. usually when i pay they go for the ball too fast. seems like alot of work for just 100 points and a few medals
gt darren reefnugs
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