MLG drops Halo 4 off the Pro Circuit, thanks to Virgin Gaming.

#231XT3M3Posted 1/5/2013 1:12:44 PM
my reaction to this topic

like. so people people posting LOL MLG , no one cares about MLG. but from seeing this topic even the people who arent pros are getting pretty heated in these fights lmaoooo.

Ignorance, hate, and just straight stupidity being thrown around so far.

then the VG community person comes here and even tho he sounding resonable people still attack him.

he wants to combine VG with MLG? i can see the business reason for why this can be bad but if Sundance is truly doing this "for the fans/people" for him to refuse this offer would be stupid as hell.

of course tho we all know that hes going to side with cod for popularity reasons but how come he cant do this

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