MLG drops Halo 4 off the Pro Circuit, thanks to Virgin Gaming.

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NeeTama posted...
Sahduk posted...
I am better than all of you in ever single wait

"Ever single wait" huh?

u want some of this sun i may be frm phillipine but ill show u why no1 fite like we fite
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Who the hell is going to watch competitive CoD?
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wait... cod is competitive?
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And nothing of value was last that day....
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MLG/Sundance never cared or gave two s**** about Halo to begin with. At least not since late 2010/early 2011 when he realized how terrible Reach was and how profitable StarCraft could really be. I'm honestly not surprised.

As much as I hate Sundance I do think all four parties are partly responsible for this mess (MLG/Sundance, Bungie/343, Microsoft, and to a much lesser extent the community). It was just a matter of time.

It is really disappointing and disheartening, though. Sad day.

But hey, at least we got a Halo 2 HD remake to look forward to, as unlikely as that is.
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Yeah, not surprised. Though that would be fun.
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lol MLG.
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Scooby510 posted...
I wonder what all the pro players will do for a living now.

They never made enough money to actually live off of gaming anyway, except for a certain few.

Only one I could think of would be someone like Ogre 2
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This thread in a nutshell
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Only one I could think of would be someone like Ogre 2

TSquared and Elamite also can.
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