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4 years ago#1
Would anyone be a kind gentalmen and lend me a code?
4 years ago#2
Do you even meet the user age for this site?

4 years ago#3
why would someone give you something thats 80$?
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4 years ago#4
Because he is the 23rd Mr. Lemon, obviously.
4 years ago#5
That is actually true.
4 years ago#6
So will someone.
4 years ago#7
lol you been asking for trades for awhile I remember in another topic .you scammed someone out of this code your looking for right now
when I was here before I went by the screen name IMPORTER1..
4 years ago#8
no....just no
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4 years ago#9
i didn't scam anyone. darkwii was the scamer he said he was going to trade me the fotus armor for a 14-day code but he just took the code and I didn't get the fotus code. that why i put the message afterwards.
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