I don't understand why so many people like this campaign

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ShytheSepthKang posted...
Only one thing was missing: epic escape on a Warthog while everything is blowing up.
But I guess the Broadsword sequence was cool enough.

Well technically we did have that bit when escaping the core on the ghost while everything was kinda collapsing.

I was disappointed at the end of that though, seeing the Grunts set up like skittles and not being allowed to knock them over.
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jakeDiLLa posted...
I agree Halo 3 is better, and there definitely IS a lack of variety (you're right about activating consoles) but I don't think it needed Boss battles, I think they should've thrown in some puzzles.

I've always considered Legendary difficulty a kind of puzzle; solving different encounters with the tools at hand.

Can I really get through all these covies and prometheans with just my magnum and half a Plasma Pistol? Yes. Yes I can.
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SunDevil77 posted...
People don't like what I like


kind of stupid for you to say that
people who snapchat are just flat out stupid.