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4 years ago#11
Sweeeeeet used code:


Thanks again Kc and thanks to Magus as well. Happy New Year!
xbox live dklco 007
4 years ago#12
Thank You MagustheHagus and KC57 i took 7DPVM-VHKWH-73XQT-WT6R2-RD2MZ. Now only if i can get in one of those double xp contests
4 years ago#13
I believe I took this one: 2HFHW-QT4HX-3VKFC-FWMXJ-D322Z

Thank you both KC and Magus.
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4 years ago#14
Kc57 posted...
MagustheHagus was nice enough to hook me up with several of the armors i was looking for at no cost.

Which ones are you still missing, out of curiousity.
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4 years ago#15
4 years ago#16
Thank guys. Hope you both have a happy New Year.
GT: NuclearRevolt
4 years ago#17
Thanks! I was looking for one of these.
4 years ago#18
Already Locus'd up. Just wanted to say I like this thread. Thanks and good work to all.
Thank you for a funky time, call me up whenever you want to grind GT: SloanTBH
4 years ago#19
Yay i took the second one,

Thanks for the post
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4 years ago#20
You planning on any other giveaways soon, Kc? I want to know if I should be watching the board like a hawk or not.
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