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4 years ago#1
I will be hosting tryouts for a new Halo 4 team starting on January 2nd, 2013 and applications will end on January 9th. We are looking for mature, yet not uptight players between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five to send requests, but anyone fifteen and above may apply.

KDR and SR will not determine who will or will not be chosen; the deciding factor will be based upon each player's reaction with a team and against enemies, such as listening to the team leader's instructions and not overreacting to trolls or other negative actions.

If you're interested in joining, reply to the topic, drop me a line or send a friend request on Xbox Live (see Gamertag below), or send me a text at the number below. No personal messages please.
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4 years ago#2
GT:BreedIove(the L is an i)
4 years ago#3
Do I need references for my application or perhaps my workforce history? I also have a PhD in teabagging if that counts for anything. Thanks man!

- Dr Finaliize PhD
4 years ago#4
Also, would you like a cover letter?
XBL GT: Yoshi eats
4 years ago#5
im very interested but i have 1 question if i betray a teammate for snipes in try outs will that be held against me???
4 years ago#6
um im olny 13 but i think am good player please add gametag jesse i3aker
4 years ago#7


Why would anyone want to play with you? People like to win.
XBL: yPPoLs my 2nd reach tage!
4 years ago#8
Will we need to submit our CV?
I bet you're one of those people who ruin my mainslaying by going -15 so stop saying that other people ruin gaming.-im r awful gt:i derive dx
(message deleted)
4 years ago#10
You're a part of a clan and you're telling other people to go out and get laid.
this is a shining example of why people with alternating caps in their names are treated like special children. - Sin
GT: i derive dx
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