Every time I pick this game up, I put it down after three matchmaking games.

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And you believe that guy is snorting Ritalin..... smh

I could make up something crazy myself to emphasize how I feel about this game. Even if it is true, it's a good way of saying this game is not interesting with more flavor.

I loved this game at first, but it hasn't changed very much since launch so it's getting boring.

Still, he shouldn't be jokin' bout drugs. I had a friend inject 2 whole marijuanas into his arm, died 10 minutes later. It was a sad day, that day.

Lmao that made me almost spit my soda at the screen
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Not reaching, served faster than them fries you cook at mcdonald's all day.


Lol ya d00d u r so l33t brodawg. M4n i knt bleaf u r spending ur time here talk1ng 2 th3s3 swagyoloers brodawg. U shuld b in da dom1n1on games playing for l33t amounts of cash c4mping w1t dat b0lts0tz.

No s3r10sly D00d u r retarded. Y u get so mad t4lking tr4sh on da netz go back 2 ur l33t ghetto n play ur hello 4's n stop lollmfaorofling at da smartz ppl dat insult ur l33t typ1ng n c0mmentz


RCR that kid u had w/ ur sister is out of the basement again rotfl embarrassing

Totally worth it
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