Happy New Year!

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4 years ago#1
Just wanted to say happy new year and game on my fellow Halo-ers
4 years ago#2
3 in the morning, and I broke all of my resolutions. :(
Be careful around explosions, they're contagious.
GT: L337 Muffen
4 years ago#3
3 in the morning and some jackass pulled the fire alarm. Not amused.
Joy puking my face off
4 years ago#4
Well its just past 12 here so go by our time :)
4 years ago#5
I just took a dump on my neighbors lawn.
GT: Ayy Scooby
4 years ago#6
So that was you!? You motherf*****!!!

Hahaha jk.

Guess we all celebrate a lil differently
4 years ago#7
I wonder how many people committed suicide in the U.S. in the last few hours. Depression and suicidal tendencies are always highest during the holiday season...
The bears can smell the menstration
4 years ago#8
Hey look! Its Debbie Downer
4 years ago#9
JackieMoon33 posted...
Hey look! Its Debbie Downer

The bears can smell the menstration
4 years ago#10
happy new year everyone, my resolutions are to hook up with hotter chicks and to get ripped. you heard it here first!
XBL: A Percussionist
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