Do you think loadouts were better in reach or this game?

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pcmike2 posted...
yoshiisback posted...
This game has much better loadouts even with the op boltshot. Every bad kid used armour lock successfully because it was so broken. Now every bad kid uses camo and promo vision and gets the shaft because the loadouts are more balanced.

Camo sniping on Ragnarok is silly though.

what is the definition of a "bad kid"? I could say that a "bad kid" uses promethean vision just because.

And armor lock was only in slayer for reach. What about other playlists?

Yes. Show me someone good at the game, I'll show you someone who doesn't use promo vision.
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From: Demon Slicer | #008
Reach, sad to say.

Minus AL of course.

This. Compounded by their poor handling of the packages, which gives a direct upgrade to players who've been playing longer, as opposed to a sidegrade (like every other game with similar systems).
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Reach for sure. You can't even enjoy going into a big team game now and messing around without getting a plasma pistol to you vehicle and dying. Not to mention every tom, dick and hairy has sticky's, DMR, mini-side-pocket-shotgun. Hell, just take your pick.
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