People are still playing this?

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User Info: Naichingeru

4 years ago#1
I thought everybody got bored of it after at least a month.
GT: Sensei Ponzor.
"The greatest part of mankind floats betwixt vice and virtue."

User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#2
You're not playing this?

I thought you'd still enjoy it after a month.
Getting awfully tired of GameFAQs mods removing my posts for being "offensive" when I've done nothing wrong

User Info: D3NZ1987

4 years ago#3
Do you even lift?
Remember this, if you see someone doing something but at the same time watching you... then he is a cop.

User Info: SocomsFilth

4 years ago#4
Just started back up after quitting when blops 2 came out. It's fresh. Met a couple cute girls last night. We had a 3 way party chat , was intense!
Gamertag - xsmokeapotamiss
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