Why do you continue to play Halo?

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3 years ago#12
reach was my first xbox live game, and I played it religiously. it was really all I did my sophomore year of high school and all summer. I got 4 for Christmas but it's only fun with friends, I don't care to search alone anymore. I feel that I've grown up now and XBL is no longer a lifestyle for me but a hobby. between school, friends and hopefully chicks, I doubt I'll reach SR 70 anytime soon

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3 years ago#13
lron_Spiderman posted...
appleturnover87 posted...
lron_Spiderman posted...
appleturnover87 posted...
I'm about done with the series tbh. It's garbage now

Didn't he say something like this before around the first week of release?

Probably did and the way this game turned out has cemented that belief.

Well then bye bye apple!

I would that say you will be missed but this board has quite a lot of little b****s that hate on this game but continue to play it and complain on this board.


You mean people are pointing out stupid flaws in a game but still play it? **** them, they should be blind fanboys instead. Hey, then we could stalk and mention gush all the time or something!!!
3 years ago#14
Oh hi bdog!

Where I come from stalking people is wrong so I'll pass on that offer :)
3 years ago#15
I've been playing since Halo 1. I like this game. That's why I play.

It's a break from all the recycled modern warfare styles shooters.
3 years ago#16
Because halo fans have an inate need to play the latest halo game, even if it's sub-par for the series.
3 years ago#17
Because all my friends except one play this instead of Battlefield, and the one that does play Battlefield only wants to play Squad Deathmatch. Best of limited options I suppose.
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3 years ago#18
I've been playin halo ever since ce. Mm is what keeps me around, I've always enjoyed gaming with friends
3 years ago#19
iRGush posted...
mm with friends and customs

this. if i go in alone im only good for about 2 games in a playlist..and uaually 4 or 5 till i tirun it off and give up
gt darren reefnugs
3 years ago#20
Steam rolling baddies is surprisingly fun. There is an abundance.of awful players. I mean look at this board, at least 95% of you are abysmal.
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