When the hell are Forge maps going into Matchmaking?

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4 years ago#1
At first I was believing "Ok,this is the first month of release, can't blame them for only a few maps in the rotations."

Today officially makes 2 full months that this game released. It seems as though one map was added to infinity slayer since the crimson pack released, none of the forge maps they created originally are there yet. I'm sure they are there in dominion, and other objective playlist, but there should really be more maps available all around. Restricting certain maps to certain playlist is ridiculous, if they are too big, a few boulders to cut down the map won't hurt.

Only so many times I can play Haven,Complex, and that one with the beam in the middle.
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4 years ago#2
343 is coming back from vacation on monday so maybe soon
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4 years ago#3
Just adding the MLG/AGL maps would make the game so much better.
4 years ago#4
The one where 4 shoot up to hold that sun-thingy? That's Solace
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4 years ago#5
I think we're starting with "Forge Test' on the 21st then Griffball and Team Doubles
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  3. When the hell are Forge maps going into Matchmaking?

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