this game isnt halo?

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H3YGUYS34 posted...
i disagree as well this game may have some flaws but its still a good game with great playlists and new enemies. Plus theres an update so i hope 343i brings in some old and new things

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He's not that type of person. He's being dead serious.

They're not mutually exclusive though. You can make way too big a deal about something but still be earnest about it.
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this game isnt halo reach, its halo 4. at its core it still plays like halo. They've just changed a few elements, like weapon acquisition. If that makes it unplayable for you that sucks, I've loved evrery halo game since combat evolved when i was 10, including this.
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RoneZoneFitness posted...
lol. The games are so very different, even with the many things Halo has drawn from Cod, they are still worlds apart. Anybody who's actually played both games can tell you that. Your friend is either ignorant or wrong.

I agree with him. I still play CoD Black Ops and MW2. No matter how much I play, both games play very differently. Halo 4 is good, but it has some problems. What doesn't have any problems? They'll be fixed later on.
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Has he put in enough hours on halo 4 himself?
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emagtratS posted...
Has he put in enough hours on halo 4 himself?

This is the funny part. He actually does not own the game. Nut knows everything about it.

Thank god for the internet and personal friends huh? But he said that he refuses to buy it because its just not halo anymore to him
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