Halo 4! WOW! Forge Maps being added! Emma Stone or Emma Watson?

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Just thought I'd mention it's at 117 votes

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appleturnover87 posted...
Emma Stone is the sort of cute girl you hook up with in high school because she's into you and requires no effort on your part. Emma Watson is the girl you wish you could get with.

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ODomm posted...
I'm glad they're finally adding Forge maps into matchmaking, what can we expect to see?
Relay definitely, but what else?
Now that there are a good chunk of competitive maps, maybe those will be implemented in a new MLG playlist, or Slayer Pro?

Also, poll ^

Emma Watson is way hotter than Emma Stone. Just imagine what she could do in bed with all those magic spells.
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There's a spell that "locks your opponents legs" called Locomotor Mortis....

Other than that, I can't find any other dirty spells, I'm so uncreative :(
Looking for ODST players---PM me
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