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Halo 4's Music vs previous Halo's (slight spoilers for the serfies)

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4 years ago#1
First off I am going to explain a little bit about how I feel about Halo 4 in general, but I mainly want to talk about the music.

So ever since I started playing Halo 4, and especially after I beat it solo Legendary and got to play plenty of MP, I can easily say this is my favorite Halo all around....well almost. I enjoy the Multiplayer more than any other Halo. The one thing about MP that I dislike compared to other Halos is the maps. While many of the MP maps are great, I have always been a fan of smaller maps, of which there seem to be very little these days. I was a big fan of smaller maps from 1,2, and even a few from 3 (Wizard/Warlock, Midship, Derelict, Battle/Beaver Creek, Lock/Blackout, Turf, Epitaph, and many others). Heck, even the "small" maps on Halo Reach and 4 aren't that small, but the smaller ones I do enjoy more (Abandon, Adrift, Haven, but that's about it for the smaller maps). But the maps are still good and it's not enough for me to place the MP under the other Halos, especially considering that there are plenty of maps to come out still, and at least 2 of the next map pack are speculated to be smaller.

As for the campaign, I love everything about it more than other Halos. I loved the story and the deeper development of our two characters, not to mention those graphics with the amazing performance capturing and and acting (both voice and motion).

But onto the main point...The one thing I can specifically say I like less about Halo 4 is the music compared to 1,2,3, and partly Reach. Don't get me wrong, the music is fantastic, a credit to the series. I commend 343 for the different approach to the score, using a different sound and style, but it was the first time playing one of the numbered Halos that I wasn't BLOWN AWAY by the music. I remember playing Halo 1 and in Truth and Reconciliation, right after you get past that first area with the enemies and then you go up and snipe someone and the music starts, was one of the greatest moments of my Video Game playing history. Halo 2's music was a little different, especially with that Rock music near the end, and having bands like Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, and Hoobastank; while it isn't my favorite music from the series, it was definitely suprising and refreshing. Remember that level where you go in to find the Brutes and the Elites going at it and then as soon as you start firing that music comes in? Another great moment in Halo music history IMO. Halo 3 was also quite amazing, I remember just being blown away by the music in Sierra 117, as well as the rest of the game. It's been a while since I've played it though so I don't really remember any specific moment like the other 2, except thinking it was badass in S117,

So that's my opinion on the music, what's yours? Like I said, I like Halo 4's music, it still beats out most games in terms of the quality of audio production, just not Halo 1,2, and 3.

Oh one other thing about H4 compared to the others that I dislike...the fact that H4 seems to be the easiest SP Halo, at least from 1,2,3, and Reach. I had a lot of trouble in those Halos on solo Legendary, but I only got stuck once or twice, and not for long, on H4 Leg. Solo.
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4 years ago#2
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4 years ago#3
From: iRGush | #002
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4 years ago#4
iRGush posted...

Then why even post if you can't read 3 or 4 paragraphs? So funny that kids these days just don't have the patience to spend a minute reading something. Everything needs to be quick and easy for you huh?

Well here we go: Music in Halo series: 1>3>2>Reach>4

Obviously that doesn't quite tell why I feel that way, but if that's too much of a challenge for you, oh well. I wrote this to hear other peoples' opinions and express mine, not to please ppl in the brevity, or lack thereof, of my writing.
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4 years ago#5
tc so mad lmfao
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4 years ago#6
TC, please ignore Rush. He's trying to derail your very well thought out topic.
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4 years ago#7
Quote:TC, please ignore Rush. He's trying to derail your very well thought out topic.

Well at least someone appreciates it, thank you.

Believe me, I'm not too concerned about it though.
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4 years ago#8
I thought Halo 4's music was decent, better than a lot of shooters I suppose, but nothing comes close Marty O'Donnell's soundtracks. Just about everything he has done for the series has been fantastic. The soundtracks for ODST and Reach in particular are some of my favorites, as they fit the games very well, while still being a significant change of pace from the music he did for the main trilogy. But the main trilogy's music is excellent as well. All of Marty's music is far ahead of anything in Halo 4 in my opinion.
4 years ago#9
I agree somewhat, but some of the musical cues and sound faders in this campaign are chilling (i.e. on Requiem when you exit the tunnel and see the massive Forerunner structure in the gorge), that absolutely screamed Halo 1 to me because I was filled with the same wonder as when we first crash landed on the Halo ring.

117 was an incredible piece, and I mean phenomenal incredible, not just really incredible. The music playing during the 4 towers surrounding the Didact at the end was epic too, don't remember the name.

Also, Green & Blue? Come on, that is one of the most emotional pieces I've ever heard in a video game. What bugs me is that the climax didn't play during the game at all... I was like WTF. Had the climax played just as Cortana said, "Welcome home, John.", I might have cried. And there is only 1 other franchise that has made me cry in video games, it's a hard feat to accomplish.

Halo 1, 2, and 3 had those themes to get the adrenaline going, but Halo 4 had a wider variety of music imo, and is the better soundtrack overall. The original Halo theme wipes the floor with all of these pieces, but it alone isn't enough to warrant it a better soundtrack overall.
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4 years ago#10
"117" is easily my favorite song from the Halo 4 soundtrack, and "Green and Blue" is nice as well, but there are tracks from ODST and Reach in particular that had more emotional effect for me than stuff from Halo 4. Some of that could be influence by various plot elements bugging me in Halo 4 and taking away the effect, but overall I thought some of the older tracks worked better. I forget the exact names of some of them though, I'd have to dig the cases out to find specifics.
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