Which game had the best swat?

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enterthemadrox posted...
I wish I had your assassination skills TC but when I played SWAT, I spent too much time panicking and playing tactical and didn't have an enemy with his back to me at all to try.

You just gotta be somewhat sneaky, not always in the open, and sometimes some chump will walk right past you when you can sprint up to him and introduce him to your friend stabby mc stab stab.
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Trick question, it's equally bad in all playlists.
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Halo 2, no question.
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BANDlCOOT posted...
Trick question, it's equally bad in all playlists.

Don't vote / discuss if you don't like swat please and thank you.
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I enjoy SWAT in 4 because of the crazy multi-kills you can get because of bad players instantly respawning.

If it weren't for that, I'd like 3's the best.

Reach wasn't half bad either, although Sword Base was boring to play.
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ont like swat at all but i feel in reach, bloom actually did was it was supposed to and punish you if you miss since its a 1sk

Yup Yup.
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