I used to hate the Jetpack in Reach.

#11TheMilkman99Posted 1/17/2013 5:03:33 PM
I agree it is a huge benefit to be able to access different map areas with ease and speed. I didn't play Reach as much as I would have liked to, and was wondering if some of the crazy overskilled players ever figured out another use for it.
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#12xplayer55Posted 1/17/2013 5:07:56 PM
I only ever use Jet pack to reach high places without taking the effort to Jump/Sprint.
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#13Asherlee10Posted 1/17/2013 6:31:09 PM
TheMilkman99 posted...
and was wondering if some of the crazy overskilled players ever figured out another use for it.

I'd be curious, too.
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#14ShadowMaster684(Topic Creator)Posted 1/17/2013 6:53:56 PM(edited)
Well, I saw one guy use it in a trollish but surprisingly effective way on Haven once. It was an Oddball game, and he jetpacked straight into the ceiling while he had his teammates around. That helps divert shots - it's easier to shoot two people side by side than it is to shoot one guy that's essentially standing on top of another. Enemy fire gets drawn away from someone, but you have to do it strategically - generally when surrounded by teammates. Someone can get the jump on someone, basically. Just don't be that guy who jetpacks straight up by yourself into the line-of-sight of the entire opposing team.

Also, you can jetpack up along doorways to hide your head. I've done that a few times - it can be the extra second you need when you're getting team-shot to get away and recharge your shields.
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#15The Fir CoatPosted 1/17/2013 7:54:14 PM
ShadowMaster684 posted...
The only map that I think it's truly useless on is Ragnarok, which is a Halo 3 map remake anyway. All the new maps seem to have had the Jetpack in mind, for at least a few instances.

Not in CTF.
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