MLG pro StrongSide wins truck, win for non-casuals

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kushahilic posted...
It's very obvious from your poor writing skills that you are not any sort of secondary education.

just another mistake from a poorly educated person. ( you yoshii)

"bio med student going to #1 rated school for engineers with a 3.8 GPA" named Kushahilic? Not sure if serious. Hi my name is XtremeBongz420 and I go to Yale
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As I understand it, the nature of the contest essentially made it impossible for a casual to win it. So I mean, congrats to the winner, but no **** he wasn't a casual.
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Jolteon posted...
As I understand it, the nature of the contest essentially made it impossible for a casual to win it. So I mean, congrats to the winner, but no **** he wasn't a casual.

Yeah Yoshi is a bit of an elitist but don't piss him off or he'll accuse you of being a bad player and challenge you to a 1v1.

Of course a regular player would win and how is this a win for non casuals if they were most likely also in this competition?
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kushahilic posted...
ask any engineering student and they will tell you that engineers are very bad at English.

As an engineering student fluent in English and Chinese, I find your post very offensive. Especially when everyone in my class speaks English and a secondary language. I take mechanical engineering btw, software, wiring, hydraulics and pneumatics are up my alley.
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From: kushahilic | #084
he number one rated college in the country for engineers

#1 where doctorates are not offered.

HAHAHAHA. Hey guys! We're the best when we don't compete against the big schools!

MIT is #1 in engineering. I'm surprised no one else pointed that out.
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yoshiisback posted...

How much money have you won, casuals?

The money earned at the jobs that prevented them getting anywhere in said Infinity Challenge, presumably.

Could they buy a truck with said money?

I bought a house with said money. Does that count?

And by bought a house you mean you put down a deposit and got a mortgage you'll be paying off for years, then yes.

Unless you're making millions you're not buying a house with the money you earned while the Infinity Challenge was running.
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Its hilarious how this kid spells Yoshi's name wrong every time he uses it.

Its five freaking letters, kid. Must be hard being an engineer, what with the mandatory illiteracy and whatnot.
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Lol people thinking that their in game performance translates to real life.

My advisor is one of the smartest people in his field and he played a couple of times, lost terribly, and still enjoyed himself. It's a game, folks - no one else takes it as seriously as you do.

Get some perspective instead of making idiotic theories.
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