Is there anyone that actually played Halo 2 and 3 multiplayer heavily...

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not superior but it has potential to be good as long as 343 busts their asses off with the TU and giving us playlists we want
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The match itself may not be, but if the game sucks at finding players with similar skill level, you can always find a way to compete with yourself or your teammates. Try to be more dominate than you were the previous match.

Why would I compete against my teammates? It's a team game and the point is to win, not compete against your own team for kills. Trying to compete against your team is just adding a mental block.
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Played quite a lot of H2, and a TON of Halo 3.

Honestly, I love Halo 4. Bringing all the rifles into it, adding the more competitive side with loadouts, and the sped-up pace now that we can all Sprint, this is my favorite Halo, and I've been with the series since CE on the computer.
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