Can Halo 4 get any worse?

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User Info: xplayer55

4 years ago#31
SunDevil77 posted...
xplayer55 posted...
SunDevil77 posted...
xplayer55 posted...
Knight_Rider_3K posted...

I have had enough!

Its time for the extremely vocal minority to shut the hell up.

All you do is ***** and moan. Enough!

Yeah all we do is ***** and moan and 343i still does nothing.

Except add in almost everything you guys have been wanting within the next couple weeks

Is there a list of this?

Yeah, before you mindlessly bash 343, maybe you should visit their blog to see what they've posted.

It was a rhetorical question. I know what 343 is doing and I was not impressed then.

Rotational Dubs
Forge playlists

Pinch me I'm dreaming.
I'll Bing your Yahoo with my Google...
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