thinking about doing a solo legendary

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4 years ago#11
Does the beam rife one hit kill you like it did in H2
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4 years ago#12
I found Legendary pretty easy, didn't take any longer than 50 minutes to beat each mission. There aren't many hard parts like there were in Reach, and there's lots of parts you can skip, particularly 80% of Mission 6, which was helpful because I personally found it to be the most difficult mission on Heroic. You can find out how to do it here:
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4 years ago#13
I'm halfway through legendary.

Until now, it has been fine. There has not been one point where I have been stuck for a long time. It is actually still fun rather than frustrating. Funny thing is the only place that somehow took me more than 3 tries is in the prologue, on the ship, when you get to that room with the 2 jackals, 2 elites and a whole bunch of grunts. May have just been the learning curve though.

What I do is:
-Take my time and keep my distance
-Always look for ammo and better weapons
-Favor precision weapons over everything else
-Decide on a killing order, killing some and pulling back is ok

I notice that in this legendary mode, that enemies are tough. However, they dont really attack you and give you plenty of opportunities to get ammo, get your shields back up, choose to advance through a different path etc. Basically, it feels like you can engage and drop enemies by choice. It makes things easier, but the game would be better if they had AI that would actively try to kill you (rebalance difficulty of course) instead of waiting around to be picked off. Which is a little silly.
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4 years ago#14
Well iv blasted through this im the last level
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