How did this game die so quickly?

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I was tooting this game's horn when it came out

I defended Diablo 3 before it came out. Believe me, I know what it's like. XD

Path of Exile in 2 days my friend. Also, I give Blizzard credit for improving D3 a lot since launch and having Jay Wilson step down.
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I give Blizzard credit for improving D3 a lot since launch

Yeah it's gotten better, but it's still not what it *should* have been. I think the main problem is that it was scrapped and started over once or twice and it wasn't the same game director as D2 (I think he worked on Torchlight, which I unfortunately can't stand).
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Real FPS aren't very popular any more, most people would rather play spunkgarglewee games like CoD.

Yahtzee's term for those games is brilliant
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I stopped playing because I was tired of having to play Haven, Complex, and Abandon every game. It sucked that they not only have a small amount of playlists, but the maps are sectioned off inside some of them too. To this day I've only played on about 5 maps. I got bored, and when Far Cry 3 came out, I went and played that. Now I'm playing Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 because I'm suddenly interested in them again. I might come back to Halo one day, but I wouldn't count on it.
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The problem between Halo 3 and Halo 4's population numbers, Halo 3 was players in last 24 hours. Halo 4 is players right now.

So of course there are going to be more players in the last 24 hours then there are players right now...

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This game is dying because people suck at using the boltshot and they don't know how to take cover. They keep losing so they switch over to the scrubby no skill COD games where their poor tactics nets them kills.
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because the game is bad

I could go on and on about the maps, terrible post launch support, etc. but I'll just let this suffice.
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I love halo and did the switch from ps2 to xbox back in the days because of halo 1, played and bought every single halo on release up until Halo 4.

Took my brothers copy and played it for a bit and i really dislike the maps.
Halo 1-2-3 had good maps that i enjoyed playing (and i was alot better at halo back then) so i could carry my team most of the time. In reach and Halo 4 im not good at all + the maps are such lackluster and boring i cant even stand them.

Im not gonna play a shooter with maps that are crap, im def not gonna play a Halo game with bad maps.

Reach was horrible and Halo 4 so far has been a bleh experience.
But back then i actually had friends that played Halo, so i didnt have to put up with the horrible randoms playing so bad they ruin my online experience completely.
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Hawke0 posted...
Real FPS aren't very popular any more, most people would rather play spunkgarglewee games like CoD.

That stupid term is spreading!
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Nostalgia coupled with diminished attention spans. It's not the game, it's the people.

Really? Well then, I have a nice bridge I'm willing to sell...
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