Food for thought: The MA5C ruined Halo. (analysis through retrospective clarity)

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3 years ago#31
I enjoy Halo 4.
3 years ago#32
^To further the conversation, how do you enjoy it compared to the rest of the series, and why?

#27 krazyninjaman3 Posted
What needs to be done now if they ever want to reintroduce dual weilding, is to make it so that once again the weapons that can be dual weilded are not only significant on their own (without being equal to other single handed weapons like the AR, but almost as powerful) but are just as doubly powerful when in akimbo. Also, we should once again be able to dual weild different types of weapons at the same time.

Now what's so revolutionary about this? Nothing really; but what is revolutionary is that I suggest we be able to start the match with akimbo weapons!

This now solves the problem of AR + Grenades vs SMG + running around trying to find another one.

Now, you can start off more powerful then the AR; but at the cost of not being able to throw grenades while in akimbo. The AR still has a decent weapon, with the flexibility of using grenades to compensate against the dual SMGs. I think this is a fair trade off.

I'm actually surprised this doesn't already exist in H4. However, I can say that I disagree with it. Mainly because having the SMG and looking for another weapon isn't so much a problem when everyone starts off on even ground and they have another weapon in reserve (which seems to be kinda standard now anyway). I also feel like if they went this route they would balance the weapons mainly as a pair rather than balancing them for use by themselves, then they'd be severely underpowered whenever you did throw a grenade and only had one weapon (which is pretty much where they were at in H3).

And again, the main thing about dual-wielding is upgrading to the dual-wielded status. It wouldn't feel the same to start off with it. Not to mention, if the AR is balanced against dual-wielding (when considered with the ability to throw grenades), that in itself defeats the purpose of dual-wielding. That's why I don't think it's a good idea to try to "mix" the spawns.
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3 years ago#33
I agree with your argument completely. Also, it would be possible to invent akimbo combos that would become too overpowered (plasma pistol + magnum comes to mind).
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