havent played campaign or sporat osp

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  3. havent played campaign or sporat osp
2 years ago#1
just some multi maybe come back for lockedout
2 years ago#2
sporat sounds like Borat's offspring.
"Opinions should be a result of a thought, not a substitute for it."
2 years ago#3
sporat osp
2 years ago#4
I've never seen someone type with a lisp before.
They call me Spoke Wrecker....
Thizz iz what it iz GT-Spidux
2 years ago#5
I laughed more than I should, thanks peeps, thanks TC
2 years ago#6
Sporat osp....

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"only the dead have seen the end of war"-Plato
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  3. havent played campaign or sporat osp

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