Dominion Diaries pt. 2

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I'm going to an interview for an algebra PhD on Tuesday. I'm the exact flavour of nerd to spot that reference ;-)

I had no idea anyone else here did math. Where are you applying (or going to school, if I misunderstand what you mean by an interview for a PhD)?

I'm applying to the University of York, which is in England. I just got finished doing four years there and desperately want to go back. Hopefully they'll consider me worthy of some funding.

I take it that you are either a graduate or a current student? What do you plan to do with it?
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Hopefully study mathematical biology and then work in industry or for the government.

Good luck with your applications! I should be hearing back in the next month or so on my apps. o_0
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lderivedx posted...
Hopefully study mathematical biology and then work in industry or for the government.

Good luck with your applications! I should be hearing back in the next month or so on my apps. o_0

Thanks, good luck with yours too. Where are you looking at going?

Have you done any Knot theory? It's got some links to mathematical biology, and was one of my favourite modules when at uni, just because it was so different.
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Did Iderivedx lie about the Xbox bricking?
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A. And well atleast derived is dead

I doubt it. He probably has another account. And another Xbox.
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You:No! No L3git, no.....

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: Bro..I...I'm fading away..

You:No, L3git....goddammit....just...just hang in there buddy, okay? I...I'll think of..

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: So this is *static* it?....we.....we *static* we won, right? We *static* *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

You: It's gonna be okay, alright man? I...I'm sorry about, don't like this....

xXL3gitnoscop3sxX: So this *static* is goo**----*goodbye?*

You: No, no we'll....we'll see each other again...we'll get into all sorts of adventures...and..and, we'll make a good team again alright? We...we'll...we'll....we'll see each other soon, I....and I'll send you a friend request alright? We'll........L3git..?.....L3git?


L3git's spartan was down to the last few pixels, as his entire body was vanishing away.


xXL3gitnoscop3sxX:...*static*.................................goodbye, bro....*static*




L3git was no more.

You: L3git?! L3GIT!?...................

It was all over. You had won. However victory did not taste sweet. Derived was finally stopped, but none of those who helped you stop him were present to enjoy your win with you. L3git didn't hesitate to step in front of you and protect you from Derived's Binary fire. He didn't seem to care about what you said before, just that you had both succeeded. He enjoyed the fact that you were safe as a reward for you feats, even though it cost him. And you didn't know if you'd ever hear from him again.


It was a very eventful morning. The solace of the map was unsettling, though you just stood there for minutes....speechless. Broken.

For the first time since the whole ordeal, you went to the dashboard....and quit the game.
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1 Hour later.

The still lights of your television set glowed across from you as you lay down on your bed. Your laptop was resting by your feet, as you yourself were resting.

After exiting the game, you immediately searched L3git's gamertag, hoping to see if Derived's experimental 'bricking' effect didn't go through. But alas, the gamertag xXL3gitnoscop3sxX no longer existed on Xbox Live.

He was gone.

You learned a lot from the little session. You learned what it meant to have things at stake and how when those situations arise, sometimes it becomes more than the game you're playing. It becomes more than the details. It's the journey that resonated with you. You learned how circumstances could change a person for the worst, starting off with a noble deed and ending up with terrorizing others. You learned that while some people may seem like friends, when the time comes to split up, they don't show any sentiment, and so you should appreciate the times you're with them before you say goodbye. You learned that while you didn't mind them before, now you really hated riddles. Hated them so much that-


You shot up from your laying position. You received a notification on your 360. Though it could have been anything from a download completion notification to a buddy coming online, you rushed to the T.V. and saw that it was a message.

You: !

You pressed the controller's dashboard button and checked who the message was your disappointment, it didn't start with X.


It was a friend request.

From whom?

You read the gamertag aloud:

"Scene Logo Tips wants to be your friend.

...........You stared at the screen.

You:.........."Scene Logo Tips?".........

You kept looking at the screen blankly.


........You smiled.

-Dominion Diaries.

Thank you for playing.
If Jimmy's mom had four children, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, what is the fourth ones name?
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Man, that was awesome.

I wonder what happened to Sloppy with his 'fake gamertag' and who he really was.
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Cool i was played by bilbo baggins
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