Does anyone know why the post game stats show a different kill number so often?

#11AdamskaPosted 1/26/2013 1:59:34 PM
MrFish86 posted...
As people have already said in this thread, destroying an enemy occupied vehicle counts as an extra kill in the post game stats, NOT the actual game stats.

Destroy a warthog with 3 passengers= 4 kills, destroy a warthog with just a driver= 2 kills. So total number of enemies killed + total number of enemy occupied vehicles destroyed= final kill score. Also, say you don't die at all in a slayer game, get 14 kills with one of those being an enemy that was in a vehicle that you blew up, your final score would be 15 kills, and you will actually get +1 on your perfection commendation for that.

Nice to get that cleared up. Thanks.
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I would have never thought a vehicle counts as a kill! (I just assumed it gave you the extra 10 points in the scoreboard).

I have wondered this too, because it seems like every other game I always had more kills in the "carnage report" than in the actual game scoreboard.
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In Reach, Big Team had bonus points for beat downs, assassinations, splatters, and head shots. This confused sooooo many people.
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