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4 years ago#1
I have an extra locus helmet to give away as well as a longbow theme and bullet proof emblem. Post here if you are interested and ill pick whoever has the most interesting post later tonight.
gamertag = DWinsGamertag
4 years ago#2
If you give it to me il help you beat the game on legendary if you have not already
Can my ego help you GT SHAD0W 4500
4 years ago#3
I will personally squeeze you a fresh cup of orange juice every morning, and cook you cupcakes wearing only neon orange knee high socks and a short apron every afternoon for that helmet!
Bro, when you tack on mass, you sacrifice flexibility. That's just a straight up fact
4 years ago#4
I can provide you a part in a sex scene involving Viva Bianca and ensure that each take is somehow no good so that it may be filmed all day.

There may also be time for blueberry cupcakes.
Getting awfully tired of GameFAQs mods removing my posts for being "offensive" when I've done nothing wrong
4 years ago#5
For that bulletproof emblem, I will bulletproof your face.

Every inch of it.

Even the mouth.
GT: Jaasce
4 years ago#6
Uhm, I don't think I can go through the whole "capture a 7-11" for a 100 hours thing for the helmet so to be given one instead would be awesome. I'd wear it in your honor lol.

Gamertag: Tboosted
4 years ago#7
I don't always go on the Halo board.... but when I do it's to look for bulletproof emblems.

-The most interesting man in the world.
4 years ago#8
I need the helmet so I can get close to Vegeta and hit the back of his head.
4 years ago#9
Cool, a giveaway.
Keepin' it classy.
4 years ago#10
I'll give you all of my bare bosemed women.
"I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture- and kill them" - Full Metal Jacket
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