I'm better than 95% of Halo 4 players.

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Too bad you have to be top 1% to have any winnings/ recognition.
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Scooby510 posted...
My point is that you suck


You win a crap load of games and your kill/death is s***. Sorry but you're pretty trashy.
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These topics make me feel like ass.
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this is like old times.
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Its absolutely inexcusable do die so often when you win 80% of games and you play with 3 other friends. I don't know what the hell you're doing but your standards are pretty low. You should try to get better.
Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
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Win/Loss > K/D
If you have a high k/d and a win rate under 50% you are bad.
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From: Patty_Fleur | #001

Sad thing is...I was a pretty crappy Reach player.

Sad thing is.... You are still a crappy H4 player.
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..why didnt you accept my friend request TC lol
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And when Halo 5 comes out no one will care or remember you. That is if they even do now. Wait who was I talking about just then......meh I already forgot.
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