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3 years ago#11
well this is good news
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3 years ago#12
Oh hell yes!!! No careless noobs getting in the range of my fire!!!
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3 years ago#13
So since when does Bravo work for 343?
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3 years ago#14
jakethenoob posted...
So since when does Bravo work for 343?

a couple months now, I thought it was pretty known when it happened. Thats also why he doesn't upload to his youtube anymore.
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3 years ago#16
good. does this mean reg slayer will be the new social slayer?
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3 years ago#17
iRGush posted...
Actually pretty good news from 343 themselves.

Frankie said

Personally I think join in progress would occasionally be helpful when teammates have to bail. Or are jerks, but ultimately this combined with CSR means that people will, on balance, prefer the predictability that no JIP will bring. The CSR experience, which will work on basically any phone, will work basically exactly the same as Halo 3, but you simply glance at your phone or other smartglass device to see your current skill rank. This may be marginally less simple than seeing it in game, but the fact that it will male CSR less appealing to scumbags and de-rankers is well worth the 'inconvenience' of looking at your phone.

This is the beginning of some other competitive efforts we will be spending time on this year.

I checked and I can't get smartglass on my old iPod touch. I'm getting a new one in march but still.
3 years ago#18
Sounds like a fun playlist. cool news.
3 years ago#19
Thank the good lord above. It's going to be the only playlist I play
3 years ago#20
If doubles would have these settings and descope was added back, I would be very happy with being able to play snipes/dubs/this

Bravo said they don't know what to name it yet, but its going to fall on the community and will probably be called team hardcore like in halo 2
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
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