Need DLC armor?

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2 years ago#111
I would prefer the BR skin, but I would gladly take anything that is left.
Let's go Heat.
2 years ago#112
May i have the Forest Armor Skin code? ty in advance.
2 years ago#113
Heads up to you all, this guy is awesome.
2 years ago#114
Pulse please? I'd be willing to throw in the crawler prop for your avatar too!
GT: Incredigasmic
Finished Pokemon Black National Dex @ 85 Hours and 15 minutes on 04/08/11!
2 years ago#115
If any are left can I get a Pulse?
Face it, Gamefaqs is riddled with asses.
2 years ago#116
I'd love anything you have left, thank you and have a good day.
2 years ago#117
I'll take a premium theme code if it's on offer.
"Scissors are over powered, Rock is fine." - Paper
GT - stealth finger
2 years ago#118
I'd like any weapon skins please, but if there's nothing left then thanks anyway. :)

XBL GT- TJMCaboose (Need to update my sig XD)
Xbox LIVE GT: iPwnCakez
PlayStation Network ID: thecandy117
2 years ago#119
Any code you have left would be nice, if you don't have any it's cool. Thanks!
2 years ago#120
Ill take anything
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  3. Need DLC armor?

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