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3 years ago#131
If you have any pulse, forest, or arctic br, I will happily take them off your hands! Thanks!!!!
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3 years ago#132
sorry what i meant to say is ill take the

Blue Spartan Warrior Avatar
Bulletproof Emblem
Pulse Armor Skin
Bonebreaker Emblem
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3 years ago#133
If you have any to spare, I would like a pulse armor code. Thank you for your generosity!

gt: onelimb
3 years ago#134
i would love a pulse skin :D but really i'll teake whatever you have left
3 years ago#135
All I would like is the pulse armor skin, if you have any left. Thank you, regardless.
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3 years ago#136
I would like Forest Hazop skin. Two friends of mine entered the code when I wanted one. If you don't have any what do you have left? My GT is my username. *salutes*
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3 years ago#137
Ill take one of something if available.
3 years ago#138
I'd appreciate the Blue Spartan Warrior Armor if you have any left, or a Ghost Prop as well. Thanks for the giveaways
3 years ago#139
I would happily take any code.
~ ssj3blade || GT = finalfantastica
3 years ago#140
Would i be able to have either
Artic Battle Rifle
HazOp Forest Armor
Bonebreaker Emblem (Would LOVE to have this!)
Bulletproof emblem
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