Need DLC armor?

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3 years ago#151
Zenxin posted...
yeah this thread kinda blew up, dinnit?

thanks for like the 4th time btw

And so did my inbox. Due to the high demand of Pulse skins, I'll probably host a small in-game competition for those.
XBL Gamertag: Dopsicle
3 years ago#152
Any Forest skin left?
3 years ago#153
Was i supposed to post my GT, haha sorry

GT: The Broil King

again, Emblems or the pulse armor would be very nice
-creative username huh!-
3 years ago#154
I forgot my gt: HeatFan786
Let's go Heat.
3 years ago#155
fLiNo posted...
Will probably make a fresh thread later in the week for leftovers.

Thank you so much for the pulse skin! I cant thank you enough for your kindness
xbox 360 gametag: JediLink
"only the dead have seen the end of war"-Plato
3 years ago#156
Any blue avatar armor left? I'll take one if you still have it, please. I'm a guy, btw.
The official Howard the Duck of the MvC3 board!
3 years ago#157
Any pulse armor left?
Life is (a f)unfair!
3 years ago#158
I would kindly appreciate anything you have leftover, good day friend.
3 years ago#159
Yes I don't have any of the armor or weapon skins you are giving out. I'll take any if you have some left :)

And if not you're doing a good thing for everyone else that already got something! It makes my day to see things like this.
3 years ago#160
fLiNo, is there anything you are looking for?
GT: Dark Guardian88
3DS FC: 1375-7986-1634
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