Need DLC armor?

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3 years ago#181
I'll take anything leftover except the BR skin. Thanks!
3 years ago#182
Would you kindly give me one of those emblem codes, any one is fine.
3 years ago#183
Probably out, but oh well.

Either BR camo or Pulse skin please!
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3 years ago#184
I would love a artic br if you have any left but any armor code would be nice. Thanks
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3 years ago#185
I'm willing to participate in competition with you for a Pulse Armor Skin, i'd PM you, but i do not want to add to your heavy demand. I rather engage you with some in-game fisticuffs! If you have not the time or cowore in my great might please feel free to send me the Pluse Armor Skin as my great reward.
3 years ago#186
Can i have a Forest HazOp skin code?
Sorry that it seems im new.. I am, But i REALLY want a HazOp code so i made an account so i can hopefully get one.
3 years ago#187
if you still have any, do you have the one that gives you the unicorn emblem? fortus i think it was...
3 years ago#188
I'll take the BR Arctic if you have any left. If you don't have any of those left I wouldn't want anything, I don't really like anything else and I feel that it would be wasted on me.
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3 years ago#189
If you have any Pulse left, I'd like one... Or even take part in some Griffball. Glad they finally put that gametype in rotation.
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3 years ago#190
I'll take anything that is left! That would be awesome! Thank you!
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