Need DLC armor?

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User Info: BFMV1

4 years ago#201
Would you have a ghost prop left? I've wanted this for ages!
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User Info: parker802

4 years ago#202
Any arctic BR skins left over by any chance? If so I'll take one. Thanks for doing this man

User Info: JonnyBoyFF

4 years ago#203
I'd also like a Battle Rifle Arctic Weapon Skin if at all possible. Otherwise I'll take anything other skins or emblems than bulletproof. Feel free to skip me if you've only got avatars/themes left. Thanks! Gamertag is Grant DeNasty.
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User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

4 years ago#204
Close the topic TC

User Info: hellspawnisi96

4 years ago#205
Pulse or web if any left please if not at least someone got em.thanks

User Info: krpytwitch

4 years ago#206
if you still have a pulse skin could i plz get a code from you
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