Need DLC armor?

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4 years ago#61
Ghost Prop please?
GT - A Lvl1 Krabby
4 years ago#62
hey if you have a pulse or Forrest that would be great thanks your a good man
4 years ago#63
Pulse armor if you have any left and thanks in advance!
PSN: TetsuoShima-41
Xbox Live: DonBunnyRabbito
4 years ago#64
Thanks fLiNo.
GT - A Lvl1 Krabby
4 years ago#65
I'd love to have the arctic skin, or pulse, if you happen to have any left. Thank you.
At least I... Wait... Something... You... insult...
4 years ago#66
Calling it a night, perhaps we'll meet in Halo some day. See ya.
XBL Gamertag: Dopsicle
4 years ago#67
If you have a pulse skin left I would love to have one thanks!
Gametag: CrackT.
4 years ago#68
Thanks bro!
I'm a Lowlife, and I'm loving it.
4 years ago#69
I would like Pulse skin if there are any left. If not, Id love a forest skin.
4 years ago#70
may I have a forest code when you return, fine stranger?
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