Need DLC armor?

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4 years ago#71
I wouldlike a pulse, forest., or attic br skin if you have any left.
4 years ago#72
Whatever you have left, I'd be glad to have one of them.
4 years ago#73
Battle Rifle Arctic Weapon Skin would be awesome if you still have a spare.
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4 years ago#74
Do you have any of the Forest armor skins? If not the Blue Spartan Warrior prop.
GT: AllChristophe
4 years ago#75
Pulse or Forest skins
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4 years ago#76
Could I get a Pulse Armor Skin if you have any left over? If not, maybe the Bonebreaker emblem?
4 years ago#77
I messaged you earlier this week about Pulse.

I'd also like a Bulletproof Emblem, if possble. :D
GT: Jaasce
4 years ago#78
I'd like the Blue Spartan Avatar.

Thanks in advance kind sir!
4 years ago#79
It looks like you've gotten a lot of requests so far, but if you have any of the armors left, I'd be most appreciative!

Thanks in advance; you are a scholar and a gentleman!
I am Schtoltenheim Reinbach III.
4 years ago#80
Any armor skin would be greatly appreciated. An arctic BR skin would be great in the stead of that, though. I thank you, kind sir, weather I receive a code or not.

Edit: the blue avatar armor would also be nice!
GT: Lord Korrik
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