Boosting Bigfoot achievement

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4 years ago#1
Who wants to do this? I'm tired of waiting for this mantis each match just to do this. It's boring. If you want to do this hit me up and if you have extra controllers that would help.
4 years ago#2
I'm down for just about any boosting in general
4 years ago#3
Alright cool you got anyone else or any extra controllers because we got to fill 12 spots for it to work.
4 years ago#4
total of three I think
4 years ago#5
Alright we'll I only have one since my other one broke. And your 3 makes 4. So we need 8 more spots. Who else is down? Lol
4 years ago#6
I seriously doubt we're going to recruit 8 more spots
4 years ago#7
I mean I don't know how else to boost this. Is there a way to do it with the amount we have?
4 years ago#8
I actually haven't boosted before so wouldn't know
4 years ago#9
Haha same here dude. You got any other halo players on your friends list that are online right now that might be willing to do this?
4 years ago#10
I don't actually, just recently purged my FL too
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