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Campaign Weekly - Infinity / Leg / 4 skulls

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4 years ago#1
Any tips for the 'defend the door' bit if playing solo?

There's a rock formation in the corner to the left of the door (if you're facing it) that's useful for cover. I try to headshot the Crawlers with light rifle, and lure the Knights to me with the Sentry Turret so I can take their shields down with the Suppressor.

Occasionally I lay the Turret down for a little cover and hop on one of the machine guns (basically only useful for Watchers, though - without headshots Crawlers have surprising health and Knights it just takes too long to drop their shields while sitting there stationary).

Problem is, eventually I'm running out of ammo and there's like 4-5 Knights spawned at once, all launching Watchers. I try to backtrack a little towards the way you enter the area and lure them away from the door with the Turret so I can run around the side and rearm myself with the weapons near the door, but there's too many...

I've tried a number of times now, and once there's that many Knights out it seems nearly impossible because it takes so much ammo to kill them, I barely have any ammo, and I can't get close enough to maneuver for a beatdown when their 3-4 pals will be shooting me in the meanwhile.

Any ideas would be appreciated. :)
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4 years ago#2
Assassinate the Knights. When the Knights go through their little animation while throwing grenades, they are completely vulnerable and easy to drop individually this way. Just sprint, sidestep, and punch. Easy peezy.
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4 years ago#3
^ That's tricky when there are 3 more shooting at you while the first one's vulnerable due to the throwing animation. It is a good tip, though, you just can't let them bunch up. Which was my whole issue, I think.

I eventually passed that checkpoint, and beatdowns were pretty key at the start- I think my issue was that I had been wearing out the Crawlers and then going for the Knights. That tactic allowed too many Knights to accumulate and form a little pack that, with these settings, is damn near impenetrable. (For my mediocre-at-best skill level, anyway.)

I changed up and started attempting to kill the Knights ASAP and ignore the Crawlers. You can actually ambush the first couple with beatdowns as they spawn, and from there I just tried to lure them into my Suppressor's range as soon as each one spawned. Sure enough, that worked.

Now if I can just clear this LZ I'll be on easy street with the Mantis... :)
"The act of treachery is an art, but the traitor himself is a piece of ****." - Mike Tyson
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