need a new controller. wireless vs wired

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4 years ago#21
This board sucks.
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4 years ago#22
typical call someone scrubby and told him to stay frosty. currently on suspension it seems
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4 years ago#23
Yes, a wired controller is much better for button response time. You will even notice you can scroll faster in dashboard.
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4 years ago#24
xoAxelox posted...
"apparently"? obviously wired has a faster response time compared to a wireless. its common sense.

man youre just as bad @ life as you are at halo LMAO


no u :(
4 years ago#25
To me the difference is minimal (Then again I'm not a die hard MLG gamer) also take into account dogs, kids, and just generally clumsy adults who can't look for a wire in front of them.
4 years ago#26
And I thought CoD board was bad....

Like someone said this one was good at the beginning but now....
4 years ago#27
A little more food for thought, if you pc game, the wired controller doesn't require a separate adapter, so you could use it there too. Just download the driver for it. Also it doesn't eat batteries or require a charge kit.
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4 years ago#28
I'm a fan of the wired controller as well, I like the weight of it. Plus they can be used on some PC games and apparently on a PS3 (I haven't tried this but I've heard it works)
4 years ago#29
I go for wired simply because I don't really sit that far from my monitor. that, and I can use it for the few PC games I play. And no batteries. (even if I can get an 8 pack of crappy AA's for a buck.)
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4 years ago#30
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I lol'd
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