What is the best specialization?

#1imthestuntmanPosted 1/28/2013 11:47:13 AM
I am level 44 and have around 19 or 20 double xp left and feel up to speeding through spartan ops for 15.5k a match. At this rate level 50 will come fairly quickly, leading me to the question above.

I do have all of the specializations available.

I am just curious as to which specialization is best. I do not play this game enough to where i will ever unlock all the specializations, 2 or 3 will probably be the most i will ever get.

So i just want to make sure i make the correct choice for which one to unlock.
#2Jakobs_FodderPosted 1/28/2013 11:56:19 AM
It's all preference, bud.
They really don't take long to complete, either. Hell I think I finish one a week. And that's maybe a total of 18-24 hours.

Pioneer gives you boosted experience gains per match. It's useful if you're in a hurry to get through the specializations.

Just know that if decide to work through them all; the last one you finish will be your permanent title (I didn't know this, it kinda sucks for me).
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Next rank for me is 131. Only 2,147,145,247 xp to go, according to waypoint.
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