This game is poopoo

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4 years ago#1
Game collection:
4 years ago#2
Just like your gaming collection.
Bro, when you tack on mass, you sacrifice flexibility. That's just a straight up fact
4 years ago#3
in PvP... the Grammardin is invincible. But in PvM I find the Mathazon to be much stronger... as long as you've maxed out Derivatives.-wing
4 years ago#4
What kind of poopoo? You'll have to be more specific.
4 years ago#5
probably green
Game collection:
4 years ago#6
People Order Our Patties Over Others?
"I exist because of my parents. That doesn't mean I'm related to...
Wait, f*** you BB! You tricked me! Screw you and your semantics!" - Le_Derpstick
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