Why was Cortana always naked?

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I_Got_Rhythm posted...
They couldn't find clothes in her A-ize

If this was any cheesier, they'd dip nachos in it.

Hold on, I have another one.


If this was any cornier, it would grow in a field...



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Fan service. All of the other Smart AI's had clothes like Deja, who was dressed as a Greek philosopher.

EDIT: Okay, Deja is actually a dumb AI.
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The creators of cortana were bros... they knew girls irl would cosplay as cortana.
they should be given medals for such clever deeds.
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Don't you know how hot it gets in Master Chief's helmet?
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The_Lowlife posted...
From: Vardinator | #014
AI constructs generally choose their own avatar. Since Cortana was built from the flash-cloned brain of Halsey... =\

Then why doesn't Halsey walk around naked?
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#15 The_Lowlife Posted
Then why doesn't Halsey walk around naked?

Society, obviously.
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